Our Family – ‘Memories From My Childhood’


This beautiful bespoke ‘memories from my childhood’ print is the perfect gift for mums, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles or any other special person who played a special part in your childhood.

Capture these precious moments in this timeless piece of art and treasure the words for a lifetime!

  • Includes your chosen words and phrases special to you and your loved one.
  • ALL colour combinations available.
  • This stunning “Memories from my childhood’ print is available in sizes Medium, Large & Extra Large.
  • The choice is yours! Choose from a Black, White or Oak Effect frame!

Prices and size information

Choose your frame size, frame colour and personalise your print:
Please choose your choice of front protection from either Glass or Polystyrene Plastic: 


Front Protection

Please choose your choice of front protection from either Polystyrene Plastic (as standard) or Glass (additional charge £2.50)

Please state how many child figures you would like to see on this print, please also include whether they are a boy or girl and their age.

List words and phrases here in order of importance! We will work from the top of the list down and will do our best to include all the words provided! We recommend approx 20-40 words for this print. Please use full stops to separate sets of words.